Biomagnetic Therapy Testimonies

Read what our clients are saying about Leslie Pruitt, Biomagnetic Therapy, and Anastasis.

Highly Recommended!

“Having been born with Lyme, suffering my whole life with it as well as co/opportunistic infections, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy has been a God send! After my first visit, I felt more energy, vastly reduced overall pain/stiffness in joints and muscles. I began to think more clearly, could hold a thought and focus more intently. My all too familiar headaches/migraines were greatly reduced (even when traveling in the mountains with all the elevation changes). Even my sense of smell improved and I hadn’t even realized it was missing until it “came back”! One of the most beautiful parts is, I experienced almost NO herxing! Biomagnetic Pair Therapy has now become a powerful tool in my fight against Lyme and all the health issues it manifests! Leslie is an absolute master in her field and goes above and beyond in her technique and knowledge. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering with chronic illness who is tired of spending TONS of money, time, effort and suffering trying to find the path to health!”

The Correct Path for me

“My name is Ann Payne and I wanted to share my journey with Colon Cancer. I am 50 years old and never had serious health issues and have tried to manage my health through diet and exercise…..on a good day:) 2 1/2 years ago I had emergency surgery for a total blockage that was a malignant tumor. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. Chemotherapy was recommended but I felt led to pursue a different route. I researched and read many books and prayed a lot! My journey led me to acupuncture, reflexology, nutrition response therapy AND BIOMAGNETIC THERAPY with LESLIE BOIS. When I met Leslie I had many of the known bacteria for colon cancer and she was able to treat me with Biomagnetic Therapy. I was lethargic and tested positive for the Epstein Barr virus. I have been treated by Leslie for over a year and am cancer free and no longer test positive for the Epstein Barr virus. I have regular blood tests, have had 1 CT Scan and 1 Colonoscopy since my diagnosis 2 1.2 years ago and all tests have been normal.. This was the correct path for ME to choose.”

I now have lots of energy and a clear mind!

“Thank you Leslie for giving me my life back! When I first contacted Leslie, I only informed Leslie of the Lyme’s disease, because it was causing me the most concern, at the time. In reality along with the Lyme disease, I was also dealing with the West Nile, and Epstein Bar viruses; severe mental fogginess; fatigue; pain; depression, and the list goes on. After my first bio-magnetic therapy session, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt, especially the clearing of the mental fogginess. Each day afterward, I continued to feel better as my body began it’s healing process. After two sessions, my doctor ordered new blood work and the results were amazing. The labs results did not show any active traces of the Lyme disease or the other viruses. Now I have lots of energy and a clear mind. I continue to see Leslie on a regular basis to maintain my mental and physical health! Again, thank you so much for what you do!”

Fortunate to have found Leslie

“I have been lucky over the past year to have Leslie treat me for various things. I have had such a Dramatic Improvement since being treated. She has helped me with multiple health issues. I had a long list of symptoms, including exhaustion, lethargy, aches and pains. Leslie rid my body of the pathogens that were wreaking havoc inside my body and I immediately felt a huge improvement. My energy has returned and I have been able to live my life again. Treatments for me have ranged from a stomach bug that had persisted for weeks that Leslie treated and it was gone almost instantly, to treating my rheumatoid arthritis and the symptoms that go along with it.

I recently saw a traditional medical doctor, who informed me that my lab tests that reflect RA have skyrocketed recently. The physician I saw was pretty insistent that I need to start taking some medications that have some very scary side effects. Side effects that are worse than what I would experience with RA. The thought of that terrifies me. Leslie’s meticulous attention to detail in treatment session has been a tremendous gift and I am feeling so much better.

In addition, She has worked with me to treat horrible hot flashes that I was having, and can now say that I am leveled out again after being treated! ( I had 3 1/2 weeks straight of multiple hot flashes per day). She has treated my husband and daughter effectively as well. I am so grateful for Leslie restoring me back to health. I feel very fortunate to have found her and amazed at how effective her treatments are. I’m sorry I didn’t find her sooner, and I strongly recommend her to anyone.”

I feel so lucky!

“I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist & Nutritional Counselor. I generally have many tools in my tool bag to help my patients, & I actually do well helping them. BUT…there are always those stubborn cases where you’ve tried everything that you know to try & you just can’t seem to get there. Your patients condition may resolve somewhat, but you just can’t get them to that 100%. For these difficult cases, Leslie has been a God send. If I hit a wall, it seems Leslie can identify the wall & knock it down.

I feel like we have made a good partnership as she can identify & resolve those mysterious underlying pathogens, & I can rebuild their health. I feel very fortunate to have been led to Leslie. I feel like between the two of us, we can help just about anyone. I also believe that the combo is a super health shield to protect patients & their families. I encourage patients to not wait for disaster to strike before they seek help. Don’t wait to get healthy until you receive one of those dreaded diagnoses. It’s always better to treat wellness than disease. Be proactive. Hit it before it happens! In my opinion, there is no better health combo than Biomagnetic Therapy & Acupuncture. I encourage all my patients to get Acupuncture AND Biomagnetic Therapy monthly to do just that!

Again, I feel so lucky to have found Biomagnetic Therapy, but especially Leslie as a partner in getting people happy & healthy for the long term!”

“I wanted to share a little bit of my story and how Leslie has helped save my life. For almost the past decade I have been dealing with a liver disease that a lot of people feel is not able to be cured with anything but mainstream medicine. I have been extremely hesitant with specific western medicine as not much research has been done on these antivirals and not enough time to see any long term effects, as well they are not safe while breastfeeding (which i still am) I was referred to Leslie for Biomagnetic Treatment. I have done 2 sessions with Leslie so far. This treatment is non-invasive and has a lot of research to back it up, plus the time this specific BPT has been healing people. WELL, yesterday I came out of my Drs office crying, running to my son holding him so tight and kissing him, but the thing is these tears were HAPPY tears because the news I received was that my liver disease has been healed to the point where they can barely even detect any virus in my system!!!! The Drs are beyond amazed and said they have never seen this unless someone does their treatment. My lab results and this paper in front of me PROVES this works ? thank you Leslie for not changing my life but SAVING it. My family and I are blessed beyond belief, staying positive, happy and healthy. We only have one life and it’s time I start living it to the fullest.”

Eternally Grateful

“My 13 year old daughter had seen every specialist in the state of Florida since the age of 4 for severe GI issues. All of the meds the specialists gave her led her to more issues like seizures, Tourette’s, severe arthritis and migraines and even suicidal thoughts. It seemed like she would never get better. Someone recommended to us to try Leslie for Biomagnetic pairing and I figured what did we have to lose? My daughter had her first visit with Leslie and after one hour she felt immediate relief of her migraines and said for the first time she felt hopeful. Later that night my daughter had her first bowel movement without any use of heavy laxatives. Something that has never happened before. Leslie saw her for a second visit just to make sure that the GI and brain pathogens were still gone and thankfully they were. In the 2 visits with Leslie my daughter has regained her life back!! She can finally rejoin her soccer team and be a kid. No more migraines, no more GI issues and all of her neurological and rheumatoid issues are gone also. We are eternally grateful to Leslie for giving our daughter a chance to be happy and care free like a kid should be.”

100% Better

“The smile on my mom’s face today while she hugged her great grandson was priceless. Two days prior she had been in the hospital unable to move. We found she had been taking too many medications prescribed for her heart disease & diabetes. Over prescribed = poison. We didn’t know if she’d make it out of the hospital that day. The next day she felt a little better as we’d taken her off the big bad unnecessary meds. She still walked very slow, her head hurt and her body was still shaking uncontrollably due to some nerve damage caused by too many conflicting meds. A friend contacted me to tell me about an amazing person named Leslie who was in town & could help my mom using Biomagnetic Therapy. I wasn’t sure what we were getting into but it sounded wonderful and definitely worth a try. Within minutes on the table I watched my mom relax & stop shaking. Her breathing began to regulate and not appear to be so labored. I watched her blue & purple eyelids actually change to a more normal flesh tone- right in front of my eyes. After the session, Leslie went through a list of things she found and couldn’t have possibly known my mom had going on. My mom felt 100% better. No shaking. She walked out of the room without her cane! Her voice was strong. Several hours later she hadn’t started shaking again and walked up some steps without assistance! Amazing! She played with her young great grandsons like she was ten years younger. I’m speechless. I thank God. I hope it lasts but if it made her feel that good for a little while it was worth every minute. Today was a good day!”

It will change your life for the better!

“To say that Leslie is a life saver is a complete understatement. Before receiving Biomagnetic Therapy from her I suffered from extreme migraines and severe eczema on both of my hands. I was amazed after two treatments that not only were my migraines gone, but my hands had completely healed. I had tried everything and nothing worked until the Biomagnetic Therapy. Additionally, when I moved into a new apartment and my allergies flared and I had a severe rash out of nowhere, Leslie cleared all the impurities and I was feeling like myself again! I cannot say enough good things about this therapy and I urge anyone who is considering it to keep an open mind and try it out because I promise you, it will change your life for the better!”

Highly Recommend her

“Leslie has helped my family and I with BM and we are so grateful. My husband suffers from back pain due to a car accident. As a result, he easily gets out of alignment and therefore hurts. Leslie has treated him a number of times and gotten him back in alignment and offered relief. Not only that, she has also treated myself and my husband for cold like symptoms to discern the cause of our funk and help remove it. I’m thankful for her practice and would highly recommend her.”

The Correct Path for me

“I thought I’d share with you what I’ve noticed so far, 5 days after my 1st session with Leslie. Leslie found numerous bacteria and viruses in my system, some of which are considered serious detriments to health and longevity. Since that 1st treatment I have been sleeping more deeply and soundly, and my energy has improved – I’m like the energizer bunny! Orally-gums and throat are no longer inflamed, and the tension I’ve held in my throat, jaw and neck seem to be lessening. My ears have stopped itching for the most part (right ear is probably 50% better). I can’t remember waking up and not feeling congested…it’s weird to breathe so freely!

My skin and underlying tissues just feel ‘clean’ – I don’t know how else to describe this feeling. I had a scar on my leg from clipping my dog’s nails a few months ago that has stayed pink and raised–it is almost undetectable today. My muscles have tensed and released over the days. I work out a lot and am in the healing field, so I am body-aware. It feels like an ‘unwinding’. Mentally I am clearer and more focused. Emotionally I have this sense of calm, my anxiety seems to have vanished. I have been tearful at times, thankful tears. I was baptized in childhood and have to say that that is the word that keeps coming in to my mind.

I feel that my body and mind have been set free and I know I will use this energy and clarity to benefit others! I realize I will need more treatments due to the number of things we found, and I look forward to every one! I believe!!”

So thankful for Leslie

“I was hesitant about Biomagnetic Therapy at first because I had no clue what it was, I still don’t really understand how it works but most importantly it DOES! I have dealt with hypothyroidism for almost 10 years, anxiety, and horrible menstrual cramps. I saw Leslie a few weeks ago and haven’t felt this good in years!! I can get out of bed in the morning, my brain fog and extreme fatigue is gone, and I’m actually feeling like myself for the first time in a long time. I am so thankful for Leslie and cannot wait for my next appointment. She will change your life!”

Exhausted every doctor

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Leslie over the past year. In 2017 my husband was in an accident that resulted in him getting a terrible infection that specialist couldn’t diagnose…fast forward a year and he had distanced himself from our family, struggling with anxiety, dizzy spells, constantly disoriented. It was like he had just had a stroke. We exhausted every doctor and specialist available with no answers. Within hours of his first appointment with Leslie all of his symptoms were gone. She was able to address all of his symptoms and through time he is now completely healed. Now our whole family sees Leslie and she’s continued to improve all of our health. We are so thankful for Leslie’s support & impact in our lives.”

I am forever grateful

“I wanted to share that I just got finished with a dental exam. For the first time in YEARS that I have ZERO new cavities and the existing ones have stabilized and even one healed in full!!! My abscess in my tooth to be crowned is GONE and x-ray showed ZERO trace of one ever being there. I have tried every single thing under the sun, clay, colloidal silver, xylitol, cod oil, diet changes, supplements, etc…. my dentists are holistic, I mean I have tried it all…. but Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is 100% what healed them, both from a direct effect on treating teeth, and treating internal pathogens that initially created internal and electrolyte/mineral/acid imbalance. I am forever grateful for Leslie for this and all she has done for our family, how her treatments led me to certification in the modality, and how now I am able to also help others on their journey to health. I just had to share this amazing news!”

I will always seek this therapy first

“I cannot say enough encouraging words to anyone considering meeting with Leslie for therapy. The list of issues I was dealing with was long! Very long. And I felt every bit of it. Exhaustion, lethargy, depression and anxiety just to name a FEW!!! I had sought medical help but was repeatedly dismissed as my symptoms being normal. WHAT?!?! After ONE treatment, which discovered Lyme, Epstein Barr and a host of other issues, I felt immediately different. I was skeptical. My husband was skeptical. But months later there was no denying that the ‘heaviness’ I’d been living with was lifted. It’s hard to put into words but ultimately the simple answer is this therapy was able to rid my body of pathogens that were affecting me so deeply I struggled to get out of bed and function in my life. Post therapy, although my life situations didn’t change at all, the way my body and mind felt changed DRAMATICALLY and I was able to do the things I needed to do with more joy. It took my husband longer to believe the change was real and physically true, but even he came to understand that I had been physically healed in ways we didn’t even understand I needed or were possible. I went to Leslie thinking that at least it wouldn’t hurt to try Biomagnetic Therapy and now I’m happy to say I KNOW this has changed the way I’m living my life. I will ALWAYS seek this therapy first (and routinely) as a part of living a healthy lifestyle. (I could write pages about my kids results as well….but that’ll be for another time!) I’m so grateful Leslie chose to study and share Biomagnetic Therapy. So very grateful!”

Amazed at how fast and effective

“So many people have been battling the flu, or flu-like symptoms, for so long. Thankfully, I haven’t had the flu, but for weeks, have had chronic sinus congestion that has progressed into severe pain and congestion in my ears. I mentioned this to Leslie and she immediately mentioned knowing spots that could be treated with magnets that would relieve this. Yesterday, she did find infection in one ear (the one that had the most pain), and was able to treat the infection. When the treatment was over, I could immediately hear (my ear was completely clogged prior to the treatment). When I woke up this morning, the pain was completely gone and it’s remained open. I’m, honestly, amazed at how fast and effective this was. Thank you, Leslie, for your expertise in finding, and curing, this irritating infection!”

Relaxing, pleasant and relatively fast

“With all her knowledge & caring demeanor, Leslie has been a blessing to our family. We feel so much gratitude that we have been given the opportunity to experience this treatment & allow it to help achieve optimal health. It’s a delight to get this painless therapy & have a mind that can rest as she’s a true professional & very dedicated to perfection in this field. I would highly recommend adding this modality into your life regardless of age or health status. It’s relaxing, pleasant, and relatively fast. Thanks to Leslie for literally changing the trajectory of so many lives with her gifts & dedication.”

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