Meet the Practitioners

Leslie Pruitt has been practicing in the Tampa Bay area since 2015.  Her passion for holistic living led her to uncover the amazing healing benefits of Biomagnetic Therapy.

Get to know Leslie

Since receiving her certification in Biomagnetic Therapy, she has treated thousands of clients who have traveled in from across America, & other countries. She is also a certified health coach, wife, and mother to 4 amazing children. Leslie believes that God is the true healer, and that Biomagnetic Therapy is a critical tool to maintain & achieve optimal health.

Get to know Adam

Adam Pruitt has been a certified practitioner of Biomagnetic Therapy since 2019. Having experienced, firsthand, the healing delivered through Biomagnetic Therapy, he chose to leave his corporate career and begin a full-time focus helping people through Anastasis Healing. Adam is a husband and father to four, and, like Leslie, believes that God is the true healer through this amazing therapy.

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